If you’ve been anywhere near social media recently, you’ve no doubt by now heard of, Vero. The company has been around since 2015, but has suddenly and quite unexpectedly, spiked in popularity over the past two weeks. In the UK alone, the app rocketed from 99th place in the Apple App Store, to first place. Over another 24 hour period, more than 500,000 new users signed up for Vero accounts. But what is, Vero? And what’s behind the app’s sudden rise in popularity? Today, Ignitia takes a closer look at the burgeoning new social media platform and explores why millennials are suddenly flocking to it.


Founded in 2015 by Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri, the New York City-based Vero (meaning ‘Truth’) is a social media platform most closely resembling Instagram. The main difference between Instagram and Vero however, is that Vero prides itself on being 100% advertisement-free. Frustrated by the prevalence of advertising on traditional social media platforms, Hariri set out to found his own social media platform that would be completely free of these intrusive ads. Unlike traditional platforms however, Hariri’s revenue model is one based solely off subscriptions.

Choose Who Sees What

Another unique feature of Vero is the app’s ability to allow users to choose who views which post. By separating followers into ‘close friends’, ‘friends’, and ‘acquaintances’, Vero users choose who sees what and when. This idea came from the belief that people act differently in front close friends than they do in front of mere acquaintances. Where other sites leave users feeling like mere numbers, Vero’s tiered relationship feature allows users the ability connect more meaningfully with those closest to them. This feature even gives users an added goal of reaching the inner circles of their favorite celebrity follows.

No Weighted Algorithms

A third feature which allows Vero to standout from other social media platforms is the fact that all posts from friends appear in user’s newsfeeds chronologically. While many believe their newsfeeds in Facebook and Instagram deliver posts in real-time as friends share them, in actuality, an extremely sophisticated algorithm is at work behind the scenes to decide which posts will be presented to each user and when. Often, posts with money behind them are prioritized higher in a user’s newsfeed than posts even from friends. Vero aims to do away with all that.


With such a huge and unexpected surge in traffic over the past couple weeks, Vero’s servers have at times been unable to adequately negotiate the massive influx in traffic. This in turn has at times caused the app to run more slowly than usual, however, recently this issue appears to have been alleviated.

Whether or not the app will become the next big thing in social media remains to be seen, but with the promise of a free lifetime subscription for the first 1 million users to sign-up, don’t expect the surge of new users to slow down anytime soon.