More and more today, we hear about the importance and power of gratitude. But does it really matter? And what roles does gratitude and thankfulness play in both business our daily lives? On this Thanksgiving, Ignitia takes the time to examine the roles gratitude and thankfulness play in our lives. 

Why Showing Gratitude Benefits Those Who Receive It

It’s no secret gratitude improves our relationships. It’s also no secret one of the greatest human needs is the need to feel appreciated. And nowhere does this applies more than at work. When we feel as though we are being truly appreciated and celebrated for our work we are more likely to work even harder and engage more fully in our given tasks.  This is just human nature. Thus, expressing gratitude empowers those around us. And makes for a healthy more fulfilling workplace. 

Why Showing Gratitude Benefits Those Who Give It

Conversely, showing gratitude benefits the person giving the gratitude as well. By taking time to notice the efforts by others for which we are truly grateful, we become more aware of the people around us supporting and affirming us. By so doing, we see just how many others around us are buying-into what we are do, believe in our mission, and rely on our efforts for their livelihood and well-being. These are quite empowering realizations. 

Does Gratitude Really Attract Gifts?

By now you’ve heard of the power of attraction. But, is there anything to it? Whether or not you believe in the practice of ‘putting what you want out to the universe’, there is no doubt that on an interpersonal level, gratitude matters a great deal. As an example, have you ever given someone a gift and had them become incredibly excited for the present? It is a great feeling. When a person reacts with so much genuine gratitude for what we’ve done for them, our natural response is to want to give them more. This too works as a whole in life. If we are extremely grateful for the gifts life has given us, life will in turn may only want to give us more.

What Oprah and Ariana Huffington Have to Say

According to a recent article, the first thing Oprah says every morning is, ‘Thank you’.  She says this before she’s even fully awake. According to Oprah, she’s not thankful for the wild success she’s had in life, rather she believes being truly grateful is what allowed her to have such success. Oprah is grateful just to be alive, to be present, and just to have the body she does. We don’t only need to be grateful for the big gifts we’ve been given. According to a recent interview, Ariana Huffington states she both begins and ends each day by naming three things she’s grateful for. And she says it doesn’t have to be anything big. “It can be the cafe latte you had or a couple of moments with a dear friend, or a song… What we focus on, what we put our attention on really determines how we feel about that particular day or our life in general.”

What Tony Robbins and Jack Dorsey Have to Say

At the end of every day, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asks himself three questions, “What truth did I discover? Who did I hep? What am I grateful for?”. In answering these questions, Mr. Dorsey says he’s able to maintain a steady state that allows him to be more effective. Being grateful also reduces negativity. According to legendary self-help guru Tony Robbins, “You can’t be angry and grateful at the same time. You can’t be fearful and grateful at the same time…. so if you want to conquer those [emotions], maybe it’s time to train your nervous system to go into gratitude more naturally.”

By making practicing gratitude a part of our daily live and routine, we will be more appreciative of those around us and all the opportunities in our lives. The more we can embodies these attitudes, the happier and healthier we will be.