Today, Apple’s latest version of its revered iPhone went on sale: the iPhone XR. At $749, and with virtually the same functionality and design as the higher priced iPhone XS (starting at $999) and XS Max (starting at $1,099) fans seem to have a new option. But how exactly does the XR measure up to the XS and XS Max?

Screen Size, Edge-to-Edge, and Color

At 6.1 inches the iPhone XR screen size falls between the iPhone XS (at  5.8 inches) and the iPhone XS Max (at 6.5 inches). Like the previous two versions the iPhone XR also has an edge-to-edge design. And unlike the XS and XS Max, the XR comes in a variety of bold colors.

Screen Resolution

Along with screen size and phone color, the resolution of the screen on the iPhone XR is somewhat different from the XS and XS Max, but not necessarily for the better. Unlike the XS or the XS Max which utilize OLED screen technology (providing deeper blacks and more vibrant colors) the XR has returned to the early LCD screen model. The difference is somewhat negligible, but certainly does not have just the same pop. 

Camera Quality

Another way the XR does match up to the XS and XS Max however is with camera quality. Like the XS and XS Max, the XR’s camera provides a wide-angle lens, but unlike the XS and XS Max, the XR does not offer a telephoto lens. The absence of the telephoto lens means the XR is not able to zoom in quite as far as the XS and XS Max, but the quality of the pictures it does take will be essentially the same. The front camera is identical to the XS and XS Max and also provides the same facial recognition technology.

Storage Space

The XR offers the same A12 64-bit ARM-based bionic chip as the XS and the XS Max which means the speed of the phone when opening and closing apps will be relatively the same. But at 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB’s, the XR provides smaller storage than the XS and the XS Max which pack a 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB’s of storage respectively. The battery should last close to equally as long as the XS and XS Max.

So overall, if you’re looking to upgrade to a new iPhone and don’t want to shell out up to $1,000 to do it, at $749 the new iPhone XR may be just the right phone for you.