When it comes to making air travel more convenient, New York City-based startup Clear has a novel approach. By utilizing cutting-edge biometric technology, Clear allows passengers to bypass the airport security line, and skip straight to physical security.

Never Miss Your Flight Due to Security Lines

Typically, there are two types of travelers: those who get to the airport hours before their flight, and those who get to the airport as close to their flight as possible. Unfortunately for those in the latter column, arriving late and meeting an unexpectedly long security line could mean missing your flight. Clear aims to do away with all this stress.

Partnering with the TSA

Clear is a private company that has partnered with the TSA. And Clear has certain advantages over TSA pre-check. First, enrolling in Clear is much simpler. Whereas with TSA pre-check you must make an appointment, Clear registration is done at the airport and takes roughly five minutes. To register, a passenger simply scans their finger prints into Clear’s biometric system, then scans their boarding pass. From there, a Clear agent escorts you directly to the front of the line at the x-ray machine. Normal x-ray scan procedure is then followed. On average, Clear customers make it through airport security in less than five minutes.

Healthy Investing

To date, Clear has closed three rounds of funding worth over $35 million. The first and third rounds were both led by T. Rowe Price. The first round was closed in 2015 for $20 million and the third round was closed in 2017 for $15 million. The second round closed in 2016, and was led by Delta for an undisclosed amount. Clear has also partnered with the Delta Sky Miles program to give price breaks and added bonuses to its members.

Since its founding in 2010, Clear has expanded steadily. Today, the Clear entry system is currently use at 30 U.S. airports as well as stadiums nationwide. Pricing starts at just $15 a month and is billed annually at $179. For those who travel often, Clear is a great new service.