Before Cyber Monday had even hit, 2018 was  already seeing a record amount of money spent on holiday shopping. According to estimates by Adobe, Americans spent over $3.7 billion in online sales on Thanksgiving Day alone. Couple with that the record $6.2 billion spent online on Black Friday and it’s easy to see why many believe the 2018 holiday shopping season may be the biggest ever. 

Record-Setting Digital Sales on Thanksgiving Day

The $3.7 billion spent online on Thanksgiving marks a full 28% increase from the $2.9 billion spent online on Thanksgiving 2017. Of the $3.7 billion spent online by American shoppers, a full 54.4% of that traffic was generated through mobile devices. This number is up from the 46.1% in 2017. According to Taylor Schreiner of Adobe Insights, “Mobile stole the show Thanksgiving Day with smartphones representing more than 50% of traffic to retail sites, as well as record amount of revenue”. The increase was due at least in part to the fact that many online retailers offered the same deals online on Thanksgiving as they planned to the following day on Black Friday.

Record-Setting Digital Sales on Black Friday

While brick-and-mortar stores are often closed on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday has traditionally been a one of the best days of the year for in-person retailers. Even so, more-and-more Black Friday sales are shifting into the online sphere. While the brick-and-mortar numbers have not yet been released, Black Friday 2018 saw a record $6.22 billion spent by online U.S.-based shoppers. This number marks a full 23.6% rise in online sales from the same day one year ago. Black Friday 2018 was also the first day to ever see more than $2 billion spent through mobile devices. 

According to estimates by Adobe, Cyber Monday is projected to see online sales top $7.8 billion, which would mark an 18% rise over 2017. Whether or not consumer records will be set throughout the rest of the holiday season remains to be seen, but with digital sales leading the charge the 2018 holiday shopping season is already off to a record start.