While October saw a drop-off from September’s massive rounds of funding, there was no shortage of actually capital raised. Below are five of the largest rounds of funding closed by New York City-base startups over the course of October 2018.


TG-17 – $34.7M
Date: 10/17/18
Round: Venture Round
Industry: Software
Investors: Unknown
Company: Not much is known about the company currently going by code-name TG-17 until it launches. According to the company’s website TG-17 claims it will “reveal the initiation of a pioneering new company that will solve a fundamental problem of a global market, through innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology.”


Heed – $35M
Date: 10/2/18
Round: Venture Round
Industry: Internet, Sports and Entertainment, Media
Investors: 1 – SoftBank
Company: Heed is a New York City-based startup that aims to connect with young audiences in the sports and media landscape. By utilizing AI and IoT devices placed around the arena, Heed allows users a unique new way to experience sporting events. For example, sensors inside a UFC fighter’s gloves would allow a fan using Heed’s technology to sense the impact punches athletes are doling out. To date, Heed has raised $35 million from this one round of funding.


WhiteSource – $35M
Date: 10/17/18
Round: Series C
Industry: Enterprise Software, Developer Tools, Open Source
Investors: 3 – Susquehanna Growth Equity, M12, 83 North
Company: Founded in 2011, WhiteSource monitors all open-source components of a company’s technology infrastructure. In so doing WhiteSource is able to alert users of software updates or faulty operations. Such detection protects companies and optimizes the company’s software use. To date, WhiteSource had raised $46 million after three rounds of funding.


Gotham Therapeutics– $54M
Date: 10/10/18
Round: Series A
Industry: Therapeutics
Investors: 3 – Forbion Capital Partners, SR One, Versant Ventures
Company: Founded in 2017, Gotham Therapeutics aims to develop new drugs which use the body’s RNA machinery to combat disease. The applications for such advances are far-reaching and range from early detection to gene therapy, immunotherapy, and even personalized medicine. To date, Gotham Therapeutics has raised $54 million from this first round of funding.


Braze – $80M
Date: 10/3/18
Round: Series E
Industry: Analytics, CRM, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Mobile, SaaS
Investors: 3 – Cross Creek, Meritech Capital Partners, Spark Capital
Company: Founded in 2011, Braze (formerly Appboy) is a customer engagement platform that assists companies with their email, push, and in-product marketing initiatives. According to the company website, Braze aims to help brands to build real, long-lasting relationships with customers by having conversations and learning more about one another. By tracking customer behavior across their website Braze can target personalized messages specifically tailored to individual customers. To date, Braze has raised $171.5 million after ten rounds of funding.