June saw some several particularly large rounds of funding closed by NYC-based startups. Below are five of the larger rounds of funding closed by NYC-based startups in June 2018.


Cedar – $36M
Date: 6/25/18
Round: Series B
Industry: Healthcare, Information Technology
Investors: 7 – Thrive Capital, Sound Ventures, Nat Turner, Lakestar, Kinnevik AB, Kevin Systrom, Founders Fund
Company: Founded in 2016, Cedar claims to provide ‘A smarter way for hospitals, health systems and medical groups to manage the patient payment ecosystem.’ Cedar is a medical payment billing service utilizing millions of data points – both internal and external – to personalize the medical payment billing process to each individual patient. To date, Cedar has raised over $49 million from two rounds of funding.


Away – $50M
Date: 6/28/18
Round: Series C
Industry: Travel, E-commerce, Manufacturing
Investors: 3 – Global Founders Capital, Forerunner Ventures, Comcast Ventures
Company: Founded in 2015, Away offers beautifully designed luggage at a fraction of the price. With their slogan, ‘Your luggage should pull more than its weight’, Away has positioned itself at the forefront of the designer luggage disrupting industry by creating stylish looking designer luggage that addresses real-world travel problems. To date, Away has raised more than $81 million from four rounds of funding.


Claroty – $60M
Date: 6/11/18
Round: Series B
Industry: Cyber Security, Network Security
Investors: 10 – Temasek Holdings, Tekfen Ventures, Team8, Siemens AG, Rockwell Automation, Innovation Endeavors, ICV, Envision Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Aster
Company: Founded in 2014, Claroty says its missions is to, ‘Protect industrial control networks from cyber-attacks; ensuring safe and continuous operation of the world’s most critical infrastructures.’ Claroty was designed to safeguard against inherent cybersecurity risks for industrial control networks. To date, Claroty has raised more than $92 million from two rounds of funding.


Gett – $80M
Date: 6/7/18
Round: Venture Round
Industry: Ride Sharing, Transportation, Logistics
Investors: 1 – Volkswagen Group
Company: Founded in 2010, Gett is the fastest growing ride-sharing company in New York City. Now in over 120 cities across the U.S. and Europe, Gett was named by Forbes as one of the ‘Top 15 Most Explosively Growing Companies’. To date, Gett has raised over $693 million from nine rounds of funding.



Dataminr – $221M
Date: 6/4/18
Round: Private Equity Round
Industry: News, AI, Analytics
Company: Founded in 2009, Dataminr is a AI platform that discovers high-impact news stories far in advance of traditional news outlets. By utilizing proprietary AI technology, Dataminr is able to scan social media in realtime to pinpoint large and emerging news stories before they break. These implications are far reaching and can impact areas as diverse as safety and investing. To date, Dataminr has raised over $406.5 million after nine rounds of funding.