In the startup community, few companies are more art-centric than New York City’s, Meural. Now in its forth year of operation, Meural has continuted to expand its platform well beyond visual expression.

A Visionary Beginning

Founded in 2014 by NYU-grads Vladamir Vukicevic and Jerry Hu, Meural was incubated out of a small artist collective on the Lower East Side. In developing their digital canvas, Vukicevic and Hu assembled a small, passionate team who sourced feedback directly from artists. According to Meural, during their first year of business much time and care was dedicated to designing the display, the frames, building the ambient light sensor, and creating the unique gesture control system that make Meural so unique. Once complete, Meural was ready to meet the world.

Meural’s State-of-the-Art Concept

What the team developed was a combination of proprietary software, firmware, and hardware known as, TrueArt Technology. TrueArt Technology was built with the goal of providing an, ‘organic and lifelike viewing experience’. In order to accomplish this, the team developed a state-of-the-art digital frame that brings every brushstroke to life. Once installed, the frame can be oriented in either a horizontal or vertical position, and comes in several elegant framing options, including a white and black American poplar, as well as a classic American walnut. The art itself can be changed by either using the Meural website or app, or by a simple wave of the hand.

Meural’s Private Art Collection

Along with the frame, patrons are able to enroll in the company’s membership program. This exclusive membership grants access to an entire Meural art library containing tens of thousands of works. A Meural membership also allows patrons the ability to create and curate their own playlist of art as well, and can include art from both the Meural library, or pieces from a patron’s own private collection. Also included in the membership are exclusive editorials including interviews with contemporary artists, exhibition features, and more. Plans start at just $39.95 for the year, and in keeping with Meural’s support for the art community, sixty cents of every dollar spent goes directly back to artists. All digital frames are energy efficient and Wi-Fi connected, and are compatible with Alexa smart home devices as well. Currently, Mueral is only available through select locations, but is currently available at more than 100 locations across North America.

After its founding in 2014, Meural has managed to successfully close four rounds of funding raising more than $9.3 million meaning the future looks rather bright for the New York City-based startup.