You know you’re supposed to do what you love, but how do you know what it is you truly love? Today more than ever before, switching careers has become commonplace. Studies have shown on average millennials will change careers four times in their first decade out of school. So how do you know when you’ve found the path that’s right for you? Today, Ignitia examines some of the tell-tale signs you’ve found the right career path for you.

You’re Excited

One of the first ways to tell you’re on the right path is finding excitement in your work. If you wake up every morning and jump out of bed ready to conquer the day this is a good indication you’re doing something you love. Feeling energizes by what you do is often a very good indication you’ve found something you’re care deeply about. Often this means you’ve found a calling that gives your life purpose, and meaning. So if you’ve found something that energizes and excites you, this is a very good indication you may be on the right path.

You’re Constantly Improving

Another good sign that you’re on the right path is a dedication to improving your skill-set in your chosen field. Often times if you’re on the right path you feel an inclination to learn all you can about the subject matter. It no longer feels like work to study at home at nights, or on weekends. Often, if you’re on the right track you become so engrossed in your work you will lose track of time; and you’re fine with that. All of these elements build toward your 10,000 hours, and all of them indicate you are dedicated to becoming the master of your craft.

Everything is Working

Another good indication that you’re on the right path is a pervasive sense everything is working out. There is a boundless optimism below the surface when you’re on the right path. Often this optimism breaks through the surface and shows you glimpses of what you want most. These moments encourage you and indicate you are on the right path. Often times when you’re on the right path you will find yourself in what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as a state of flow, or the state of optimal experience. When you’re in this state, things come easily to you. It’s a state that athletes describe as ‘the zone’. If you are experiencing this state on a consistent basis in your work, it is a very good indication that you may have found something you love to do and you may be on the right path.

You Feel the Need to Give Back

Finally, when you are experiencing complete career and life satisfaction, you will be operating near the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Self-Actualization. When you are this satisfied with your work and your life, you will be so filled with joy and gratitude that your attention will naturally bend to helping other people. This is the highest state of career fulfillment and when achieved leaves you feeling a sense of thankfulness for being so lucky to have experiences it. People who have experienced this feeling naturally feel incredibly grateful which often leads to philanthropic efforts.

Time and time again, we hear we should do what we love. If you consistently experience the states described above there is a very good chance you may be on the path that’s right for you!