For anyone who wants to eat healthy while maintaining a busy lifestyle the problem is always where to find time to prepare healthy meals. For those facing this dilemma, Kettlebell Kitchens is a great solution. Now, the New York City-based startup is providing healthy, pre-portioned meals for thousands of grateful  customers each week.

Kettlebell Kitchens: A Healthy Eating Option for Those with Busy Schedules

Founded in 2013, Kettlebell Kitchens aims to provide healthy nutrition solutions in support of weigh loss, muscle gain, and growth performance goals for those with busy lifestyles.  The pre-packages customizable food options come delivered straight to your door and are microwave-ready in just minutes.

A Simple 3-Step Process to a Healthy Meal Plan

By providing healthy meal plans Kettlebell Kitchens looks to help working professionals maintain their fitness goals. In order to do this, the company uses a simple 3-step process. The first steps is to learn what a customers specific fitness goals are. From there, one of the companies registered dietitians customizes a meal plan option for the customer based on their specific fitness goals. Finally, the company delivers a week’s worth of meals at a time directly to the customer to simply heat and eat.

Healthy Options at Fair Prices

Individuals plans usually start at $8.95 for breakfast and between $11.95 and $13.95 for entrees. All meals are soy-free and dairy-free and all ingredients are naturally gluten-free thought the kitchen is not certified gluten-free. The company also offers meals which are higher in carbohydrates as part of their ‘athlete meals’ and also offers vegetarians meals for those with such dietary restriction needs.

Committed to Giving Back

Founded by two former military members, Kettlebell Kitchens is proud to offer discounts for all members of the military and first-responders. The meal containers themselves are made from plant fibers, and are fully recyclable. Kettlebell Kitchens also makes an effort to donate meals to those in need whenever they can.

Supported by Robust Financing

In October of 2018, Kettlebell Kitchens successfully closed a $26.7 million Series B round of funding led by North Castle Partners. Previous to this, the company had closed a round of $2.6 million in Series A funding, as well as a round of $1.1 million in Seed round funding. To date, the company has raised more than a reported $30.4 million after three rounds of funding.

By offering healthy and convenient food options for working professionals, this New York City-based startups is leading the way in keeping working professional performing at their best.