Jim Rohn was one of the greatest business speakers of all-time. In a speech before his passing, Mr. Rohn laid out three simple steps to how he became rich. Today, Ignitia re-examines those steps.

He Lived in America

In the interview, Mr. Rohn states he became a millionaire by the age of 31, and says it was easy. According to Mr. Rohn, the first thing that allowed him become rich was the fact that he lived in America. According to Mr. Rohn, America is easy. That’s why everyone wants to come here. In America it’s easy to make a lot of money. By contrast Mr. Rohn states in a country like Bangladesh it’s hard to make a lot of money; as is the case with most other countries. But, not so in America. According to Mr. Rohn, this is a fact too often lost on the people who live here. In emphasizing this point, Mr. Rohn clearly wants to impress upon people living in America just how they we have it.

He Found an Opportunity

The second reason Mr. Rohn says he was able to become rich was that he found an opportunity. According to Mr. Rohn, all you have to do, if you want to become rich, is to search for an opportunity. According to Mr. Rohn, in America there are endless opportunities. If you want to improve your life in any significant way, the opportunity to do so resides here. Keep trying until you find that opportunity that works for you. It’s just that easy.

He Found a Teacher

According to Mr. Rohn, the last piece of the puzzle to him becoming rich was that he found a teacher. And his teacher imparted these two lessons: First, he told him that between the ages of 19 and 25, Mr. Rohn had screwed-up. But, he didn’t leave him there. According to Mr. Rohn, by implementing the next lesson his teacher taught him over the next six years, he became a millionaire. The lesson was to make a change.

According to Mr. Rohn, no outside circumstances – be they interest rates, government, or anything else – changed much during those next six years when he made his fortune. What did change, was Mr. Rohn himself. The first thing he changed was his philosophy. His thoughts and ideas. He changed his mindset on what ‘easy’ meant. To him, something was ‘easy’ if it was something he could do. So, he found something he could do and worked hard at it. But, according to Mr. Rohn, the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. That is what he says is the difference between success and failure. Mr. Rohn says the way he got rich was by not neglecting to do the easy things he could do, everyday, for six years. He found something easy he could do that lead to fortune and he did not neglect to do it.

According to Mr. Rohn, if we want to be successful, we must simply not neglect to do the things we are able to do that will make us succeed. That is it; it is that easy.