One of the hottest coding bootcamps in NYC right now is Flatiron-based, General Assembly. Now, with 20 campuses stretched over 4 continents, and a great new deal in place, General Assembly (GA) seems well-positioned to make an even greater impact on the coding community for years to come.

Why Bootcamps Are So Important

According to Glassdoor’s annual report of the 50 Best Jobs in America, 20 of this year’s top 50 jobs can be found in tech. This includes both the first and second top spots – data scientist and devops engineer, respectively.

Also, according to a report by, based on estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the year 2020 there will be more than one million more tech jobs available than there will be qualified candidates to fill them. Knowing this, General Assembly hopes to helps fill this gap by providing best-in-class instruction and unparalleled career-placement opportunities for its students.

What Makes General Assembly Excellent

General Assembly’s stated mission is to empower a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love. In order to do this, General Assembly provides world-class training in today’s most in-demand fields. These fields include, tech, data, UX design, marketing, and business, among others. Classes are available on-campus or online, and may be completed at the pace of the student’s choosing, either full-time or part-time.

99% Graduate Career Placement

General Assembly has some of the highest career placement rates of any bootcamp. This is in large part due to GA’s excellent Career Services program. According to GA’s student outcome report – the only such bootcamp report verified by a Big Four accounting firm – a full 99% of full-time graduates who utilized this service find career placement within 180 days of graduating.

What Distinguishes General Assembly Further

One of the main reasons General Assembly’s career placement rates are so high is because the bootcamp partners directly with over 10,000 employers who who communicate to General Assembly the exact skills they are looking for when they hire. These partners include Google, Microsoft, and IBM to name just a few. Finally, for those students in need an options for tuition assistance is available as well. With all this in mind, General Assembly makes it possible for almost anyone, at almost any stage of their career, to make a full and lucrative career transformation within a relatively short amount of time.

How It All Started

General Assembly was founded in 2011 by Jack Schwartz, Adam Pritzker, Matthew Brimer, and Brad Hargreaves. Initially, the company was developed as a co-working space, but soon evolved into the school it is today. In that same year, General Assembly opened its first location in the Flatiron District of New York City with a $200,000 grant from the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

Later that same year, according to Crunchbase, the company raised $4.5 million in Series-A funding led in part by, Jeff Bezos. Since then, the company has managed to raise 3 more rounds of funding, including a $70 million round of Series-D funding, led by investor, Advanced Publications. All told since its inception, General Assembly has raised more than $119.5 million, from five rounds of funding. Since its launch, General Assembly has also given back in substantial ways as well. At more than one location, the company has participated in programs designed to help the homeless learn skills aimed at making them more employable.

An Enormous Opportunity

According to various sources, on April 16, 2018, the staffing firm Adecco reached an agreement with General Assembly to purchase the company for a reported $412.5 million. According to the statement, Adecco claimed it made the decision to purchase General Assembly after seeing it had been, ‘experiencing 30% compounded annual revenue growth and that its profits were above the Adecco Group average.’

All indications seem to suggest Adecco recognizes a good thing when it sees it and plans to continue the tradition of excellence General Assembly has already established.

If approved, the deal is reportedly expected to close in the second quarter of 2018.