Brooklinen is a hot new bedding startup from where else, but Brooklyn. Founded by a husband and wife team, Vicki and Rich Fulop, Brooklinen has come quite a long was from its Kickstarter beginnings 4 years ago.

A New Way to Sell Luxury Linens

As the slogan ‘Luxury bedding at non-luxury prices’ suggests, Brooklinen aims to provide luxury quality linen bedding for a fraction of the price. In order to do this, Brooklinen sells its products exclusively online. By insisting their linens only be sold through e-commerce outlets, Brooklinen is is able to eliminate the middlemen and pass the savings onto its customers. According to Brooklinen, this allows them to sell linens that would normally cost $300 or more in a department store for just $99 a pair.

The Benefits of Linen

Brooklinen has several advantages to higher thread count fabrics. Linen is a looser weave which allows for more air to pass through the fabric, which in turn allows for a cooler night’s sleep. Along with this, the linens themselves also have an exceptionally elegant look. But great sheets are not all Brooklinen produces. Along with bedding, the company also offers sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and even candles.

A Company’s Core Values

According to Brooklinen, the company operates on 4 core principles: Amazing Product, Better Experience, A Personal Touch, and an Efficient Supply Chain. According to Brooklinen, quality is their top priority. In order to produce the most high quality product, Brooklinen insists on only using the most luxurious materials and top caliber factories. In order to create a better experience, Brooklinen has curated all their products which, According to Brooklinen, means fewer but better products to make customer’s choices easier. That being said, if you do not find exactly what you’re looking for, Brooklinen’s next core value, their personal touch, means you can simply ask them for what you want and they will do their best to accommodate. Finally, Brooklinen removes as many layers of overhead cost as possible in order to provide customers with the best possible value they can.

A Solid Startup

So far, the company has lived up to these core values and investors have rewarded them for it. Since its founding in 2014, Brooklinen has closed two major rounds of funding. The first was their seed round closed in 2014 for $20,000. The second, was a series A closed in 2017 for $10 million. All together this makes for a stand-out startup straight out of the neighborhood bearing its name.