After becoming the fastest company to reach a $1 billion valuation Bird scooters has now opted to allow entrepreneurs to purchase scooters outright in order to operate their own fleet.

Bird Scooters Adopt the Uber Model

Much the same way Uber drivers often own the vehicle they use to make money, Bird Scooters has decided to allow individuals the ability to purchase scooters which buyers can then rent-out on the Bird Platform. Again much like Uber, Bird says it will take 20% of the cost of the rides, while the owner will pocket the other 80%. Owners will also have access Bird chargers and mechanics, and will also have the ability to brand their scooters in any way they see fit.

A Move Brought-On by Demand

According to company CEO Travis VanderZanden, the move – which is called Bird Platform and has been in the works for some time – comes in response to an overwhelming amount of requests received from individual investors interested in taking Bird Scooters into new markets. “In the last year of operating, we kept getting these inbound requests from entrepreneurs that really wanted to take Bird to their cities. I think there’s been a lot of people passionate about the electric scooter movement and taking cars off the road. There are a lot of entrepreneurs who want to bring Bird to their city.”

Some Details Still Unclear

While there is no minimum, or maximum of scooters a person can own, owners will have to abide by all local and city regulations. In cities such as San Francisco, regulations have capped the number of e-scooters allowed within the city limits, making the new initiative irrelevant. Other factors that are unclear at present are the cost per each scooter and what risk owners run in the event of stolen or damaged scooters.

Bird Scooters: a Company on the Rise

One thing that’s certain however is the enthusiasm investors have shown so far for the Bird scooter trend. As mentioned about, Bird – which is now valued at a reported $2 billion – was the fastest company to ever reach unicorn status. This is all the more impressive considering the company’s just over a year old. Currently, Bird scooters are operate in more than 100 cities, and have given more than 10 million rides. To date, Bird has raised more than $415 million in venture funding from.

Just how much Bird owners stand to make from the venture remains to be seen, but with over 300 partners already lined up to invest Bird’s Platform initiative is certain to get a true test out in the marketplace.