In the fast-paced age we live in, one of the hardest things about working out is simply finding the time to do so. With this in mind, New York City-based startup Aaptiv looks to change that. By providing on-demand professional, personalized, training sessions via you smartphones, Aaptiv makes it possible to get in a great workout, no matter where you are or how tight your schedule is.

3-Steps to a Better Workout

Founded in 2015, Aaptiv is an exercise app developed for people on the go. The app is designed in a simple, 3-step process. First, users enter their goals. These goals can be as simple as weight loss, strength training, or even stress reduction. Based on these goals, Aaptiv make suggestions to the types of workout users should engaged in. From there, users choose the workout they want to undertake based on the workout type, the trainer, and even the choice of music. After that, all that’s left is to jump in and let your trainer get you moving.

The Advantages of Audio

What separates Aaptiv from other at-home workouts is the fact that the entire program is based on audio. This decision was made after realizing the preference many people have of wearing headphones at the gym. Aside from this, another benefit to the audio-only program is that at-home users are no longer tethered to computer or television screens while they work out. This allows Aaptiv users the freedom to take their workouts at home, at the gym, or even outside.

A Library of Custom Workouts

Aaptiv’s library of custom workouts provides over 2,500 options for users of all experience levels. In addition, Aaptiv continues to constantly grow their available catalogue of workouts. Currently, Aaptiv is adding as many as 40 new classes per week, so users never have to do the same program twice if they so choose. Finally, one of the greatest features of the Aaptiv app is the supportive and welcoming community Aaptiv strives to embrace.

Investor Confidence

Since its founding in 2015, Aaptiv has raised over $52.1 million, after five rounds of funding. The first round was a $450K seed round closed in 2016. This round was followed by an additional $1.1 million seed round just five months later. After that, Aaptiv managed to close an additional $10 million series A, and then an additional $18.6 million series B, both on the same day in 2017. Most recently, Aaptiv has successfully closed a $22 million round of series C funding closed in June of 2018.

In the world of workout startups it can take a lot to stand out from the crowd, but so far Aaptiv has found a way to do just that!