1. Increased Cleanings- We have doubled the amount of cleaning in our space, eliminated high contact touch points, provided cleaning and hand sanitizers at entrances as well as key locations around our space to keep you safe, healthy and clean.

2. Direct Access, No Elevators- We are a ground floor retail establishment. You never need to walk through a large public space or go upstairs or an elevator to get access to your office.

3. Private offices allow social distancing- Each office is designed to be a small private space with full glass enclosures. Teams can take multiple offices to allow social distancing but not lose the value of being onsite.

4. One way hallways- As we re-open our space our hallways are now one-way directional loops as well as split in half so that you don’t risk bumping into someone and can maintain social distancing.

5. Low population density- Our offices are larger than most coworking spaces per desk and desks can be removed. This allows for a lower population density throughout our space.

6. Isolated HVAC Systems- Our airflow system is set up to be separated into 3 parts. The air is pulled in from the rooftop of the building and is piped individually into each office. The split of different zones keeps air circulating within the space without having to share the air with the entire space.

7. We are working with you- We are all in this together, we will work with you and your team to make special accommodations to make sure you are comfortable and safe.