One of our most popular articles here at Ignitia was entitled, ‘How to Go From a Thinker to a Doer’. To that end, today we’d like to provide a follow-up piece of seven great quotes to help you achieve your goals. 

1. ‘You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.’ -Henry Ford

Few people have accomplished as much as Henry Ford. Known for his relentless business tactics, Ford was a man for whom the ends justified the means. Not getting things done was not acceptable and this quote reflects that attitude.

2. ‘Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration. The rest of us just get up, and go to work.’ -Stephen King.

Few authors are as prolific as Stephen King. As an artists, it can be tempting delay working until you feel particularly inspired to do so. What Mr. King is saying here is that it’s far more important to simply start. Often times when you do the inspiration will follow. And if it doesn’t, just get up and do the work anyway.

3. ‘While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.’ -Henry Link

It is all too common to not attempt something you want to do because you feel you’re not ready to do it well, or at all. You may feel unprepared, or even unqualified. However, according to Mr. Link, none of that matters. What matters is attempting the thing, failing, and learning how to attempt it better the next time. In that way, you will gain knowledge and experience critical to achieving the thing you wished to all along.

4. ‘You may delay, but time will not.’ -Benjamin Franklin

Known for his wit and intelligence, founding father Benjamin Franklin lays another timeless piece of advice on us here. We may procrastinate, but the cold-hard-truth is that time doesn’t care. It keeps marching along regardless of what we do, or don’t do. So, since time has no mercy, it is far better to start doing whatever it is we want to do, whether or not we’re prepared. 

5. ‘You see in life, lots of people know what to do. Knowing is not enough! You have to take action!’ -Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins may be one of the greatest motivational speakers ever, but all of his teachings essentially boil down to one simple point: if you want to accomplish anything, you are going to have to take massive action to make it happen. 

6.  ‘The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them.’ -Nolan Bushnell

By now you should see a pattern developing: the running theme of all of these quotes is taking action. Get up and get something done. It doesn’t matter if your first effort is a success or not. As long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep learning, and keep trying, you will be much more likely to become a success than the person who sits and waits until they feel fully prepared to begin.

7. ‘So what do we do? Anything. Something. So long as we don’t just sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we’ve satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late.’ -Lee Iacocca

Again, you will likely never feel fully prepared before starting any new and challenging task. However, as Mr. Iacocca emphasizes here, that doesn’t matter. Start anyway. It is far greater to learn how to do something on the fly, than to sit around and wait until conditions are absolutely perfect to begin.