Craig Ballantyne has been a contributor to Men’s Health for over 17 years. In a recent interview, Mr. Ballantyne outlined his 5-Step ‘Champion’s Checklist’ to help build an unstoppable mindset. Below are Mr. Ballantyne’s 5-Steps.

Step 1: Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

In order to do this, Mr. Ballantyne recommends a trick called ‘anchoring’. Anchoring is a technique that allows you to snap yourself into a higher mental state whenever you need it. To anchor, Mr. Ballantyne suggests recalling a moment from your life when you felt absolutely unstoppable such as the moment after you won a great victory. Once you fully feel yourself back in this moment, Mr. Ballantyne suggests balling up your right fist and punching it hard into your left palm twice. That is anchoring. According to Mr. Ballantyne, if you do this twice a day for a week, whenever you need to enter that higher mental state you can simply pound your fist into your hand twice and be taking immediately back to the higher state of mind.

Step 2: Get a Coach

In almost any walk of life, those who succeed are those who have great coaches and mentors. While an in-person coach or mentor who can work with you is always the best option, according to Mr. Ballantyne consuming content from someone who’s living the life you want to lead is also a very good step. As Mr. Ballantyne states, “Remember the Law of Environmental Exposure: ‘Whatever you expose yourself to on a regular basis, you will eventually become.’ By intentionally consuming content and ideas from other high-achievers you will begin to subconsciously adopt their mindsets, beliefs, and behaviors.”

Step 3: Set Goals that Will Fire You Up and Force You to Grow

Aristotle once said, ‘Nothing improves aim like a target’. If you want to achieve something great, you must know your goal. According to Mr. Ballantyne, it is very important to write your goals down and to revisit them daily. According to Mr. Ballantyne, repetition is the mother of all success. In order to achieve your goals, you must constantly strive toward them. “By having a concrete vision for your future and betting on yourself you will start to build your Unstoppable Mindset, and start doing the things required to live your best life.”

Step 4: Take Massive Action

This steps is no surprise. In fact even Tony Robbins claims taking massive action is perhaps the most important step towards achieving your goals. According to Mr. Ballantyne, “You can watch motivational videos, listen to coaches, and set goals all day long, but you still have to do the work. You have to take action to get the outcomes you desire. This is the fundamental difference between those with an average mindset and those with an Unstoppable Mindset.”

Step 5: Track and Review Your Performance

And finally, according to Mr. Ballantyne if you aren’t sitting down once a week to measure and review your goals you’ll be overtaken by someone else who is. According to Mr. Ballantyne, “All you need is 10-20 minutes a week to sit down and review: 1) What action steps you took during the week. 2) The outcomes of those action steps. And 3) The lessons you learned and the steps you’re going to take to improve your performance over the coming week.” According to Mr. Ballantyne, you don’t need to make great strides quickly. If you can get just 1% better for 365, in a year you won’t even be able to recognize the life you are living.

If you follow these five-steps and put them into practice every day, you too will soon be well on your way to developing your own Unstoppable Mindset.