It’s the goal of every startup – to cross the $1 billion ‘Unicorn’ valuation barrier. While the odds of achieving such a feat are long, according to CB Insights at least 45 companies have joined those ranks in 2018 so far. Below are 5 of the companies to cross the $1 billion barrier in 2018.


DoorDash – $1.4 Billion Valuation – Founded in 2013, DoorDash is an company which allows users to order food directly from local restaurants and then delivers that food to them at home. After getting its start at the famed Y-Combinator, DoorDash quickly found its market and expanded. Today, DoorDash operates in more than 600 cities across North America. DoorDash has raised over $721.8 million after six rounds of funding.


MedMen – $1 Billion Valuation – In the current ‘Green Rush’ happening across the United States and Canada, MedMen has carves out a very nice foothold. Founded in 2010, MedMen aims to redefine the cultural opinions surrounding cannabis use. Aside from providing top-quality cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, MedMen leads the way on environment issues as well as legislative initiatives surrounding the use and sale of cannabis. To date, MedMen has raised $15 million after one round of funding.


Canva – $1 Billion Valuation – Founded in 2012, Canva offers easy-to-use graphic design templates for posters, flyers, invitations, ads, and a host of other items. Used by both professionals and non-professionals alike, Canva allows users to create stunning graphics and ads for both online and print mediums. To date, Canva has raised over $83 million after nine rounds of funding.


Snowflake Computing – $1.5 Billion Valuation – Founded in 2012, Snowflake Computing is a cloud-computing data warehouse. In the age of Big Data, Snowflake Computing is the first and only data warehouse built specifically for the cloud. In June of 2014, Snowflake announced it had hired Microsoft executive Bob Muglia as the company’s CEO. To date, Snowflake Computing has raised over $472.9 million after six rounds of funding.


Babytree – $2.2 Billion Valuation – Founded in 2006, Babytree is an online platform allowing parents to share experiences and tips. Based in China, Babytree was founded in hopes of gaining a piece of China’s $54 billion maternity and baby industry. The site has been in operation for over twelve years during which millions of parents have shared their parenting experiences with one another. To date, Babytree has raised over $1 billion after eight rounds of funding.