With over 1.5 billion monthly users, YouTube is the seconds largest website in the world. Among those 5 billion videos uploaded are many indispensable lessons in business. Today, Ignitia highlights five of the videos every entrepreneur should watch.


Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech
Runtime: 15 minutes, 4 seconds.
Video Description: In what has become one of the most landmark speeches in business leadership, in his address at the 2005 Stanford commencement luminary Steve Jobs lays out his advice on living our best lives. As illustrated in a previous Ignitia article, the speech comes in three parts – Mr. Jobs recounts his reasoning for dropping out of school, Mr Jobs recounts what it was like to be fired from Apple, and Mr. Jobs describes what it was like to face his diagnosis. This video is an absolute must-watch for everyone.


HBS: Developing the CEO Within You
Runtime: 9 minutes, 11 seconds.
Video Description: In this video posted by Harvard Business school, HBS professor Joseph L. Bower explains why in order to become an effective CEO it is necessary to work at companies which foster cultures of employee development. Professor Bower stresses the importance of being able to objectively evaluate the company’s effectiveness, and offers approaches to improving these skills as well.


What Stops Successful People from Breaking Through to the Next Level?
Runtime: 5 minutes, 2 seconds.
Video Description: In this video famed business consultant Greg McKeown examines the question he has obsessed over for fifteen years – ‘What is it that holds capable driven people from breaking through to the next level?’ According to Mr. McKeown, the answer to this question – to his great surprise – is success. Over the rest of the video, Mr. McKeown examines ways to make sure we never fall into these traps.


Simon Sinek’s TED Talk
Runtime: 18 minutes, 35 seconds.
Video Description: Simon Sinek is one of the leading motivational speakers working in the field of business leadership today. It what has since become one of the most viewed TED Talks of all-time, Mr. Sinek explains his simple yet powerful model for what it takes to become an inspiring leader. According to Mr. Sinek, if we as leaders can get clear on our ‘why’, then many other answers will fall into place. The video is an absolute must-watch and was also highlighted in this previous Ignitia article.


Marc Andreessen on Being a Creative and Courageous Entrepreneur
Runtime: 55 minutes, 24 seconds.
Video Description: In this video recorded live on the campus of Stanford, legendary VC Marc Andreessen sits for a nearly hour-long interview. During the interview, Mr. Andreessen explains the types of ideas his VC firm looks for, and explains how “Big breakthrough ideas often seem nuts the first time you see them.”