The best people in business are lifelong learners of their trade. Below are a few of the best blogs that are organized by category. The numbers are not meant to serve as a ranking of order as they are all great resources for continued education in business.

Large Publications

1. The Wall Street Journal– It’s a pay subscription service but for keeping up with news and business it is some of the best writing on the web for general business and news.

2. Harvard Business Review– HBR is a great blog filled with excellent insight on business and quick reads. A well-known publication that lives up to its namesake.

Startup & VC Advice

3. Y-Combinator Blog Y Combinator is one of the top incubators on the planet. In addition to running one of the top incubators in the world, their blog is top notch. The articles are well written and the bring in amazing guest bloggers who are leaders of industry.


a16z topic matrix


4. A16Z– Created and run by Andreesen Horowotiz, one of the most prestigious venture capital firms. The site focuses on business and startups and includes excellent organization of blog posts by topics. The website is broken down into 3 categories Advice & How To, Tech Topics, Podcasts.

5. Both Sides of the Table– In their own words: “Perspectives of a 2x entrepreneur turned VC at @UpfrontVC, the largest and most active early-stage fund in Southern California.” As the name implies the blog gives perspective from the VC and Entrepreneur side of business, and fundraising.

6. Cruncbase– Crunchbase is one of the best resources to research recent funding deals. While this may not be a blog in a traditional sense of written articles by business leaders it is a great tool to keep up with VC funding.

7. 500 Startups Blog, – Similar to Y-Combinator blog, 500 startups is a company that has invested in over 1600 startups and provides a wide range of advice on business and startups throughout their blog. In their own words about their program

Have your act together? We invest $100-250K on market terms and charge a $25-50k fee depending on geography for participation in the 500 Series A Program.

You’ll get all the perks of being in 500 too – like access to our vast network of investors, partners and founders.

8. – Inc Magazine ranks this as the number one blog for entrepreneurs and it ranks as number 2 on Forbes list of best 100 websites for Entrepreneurs. What makes this blog excellent is the in-depth advice from David Skok. David is a lifelong businessman turned VC, who focuses his advice on business, marketing and startups.


9. OnStartups– Run by the founder of Hubspot this is an excellent blog focused on marketing and sales online. An excellent resource for marketing, SAAS and business in general.

10. Rand Fishkin’s Blog, Rand is one of the top names in marketing and SEO. Part of the MOZ website (formerly SEO MOZ). This is a great resource for learning expert level SEO tactics and keeping up with the constant changes of how algorithms work. I will also say that I would highly recommend  itself as well.

11. Canva Design School- Canva Design School is a daily blog that focuses on design. This is a great resource for branding, marketing, and building beuatfiul pitch decks. The Canva product itself is an excellent product to use that makes easy work out of graphic design. Guy Kawasaki currently serves as the company’s Chief Evangelist.



12. Ted Talks– Some of the most amazing and inspirational presentations. Although many of the presentations are not focused on business, this is an amazing site for great content and inspiration. Video Blog.